Le Terre Diverse Greco Di Tufo Bacio a Scannisi 2021

About the Winery: Oenologist Paolo Caciorgna, famous for his illustrious collaborations in Tuscany and other Italian regions, has recently embarked on a new exciting adventure: Terre Diverse which is a collaboration with another Tuscan Oenologist Nicola Berti. Nicola and Paolo aims to express beautiful and different terroirs of particularly suitable areas. To date, Terre Diverse offers two labels - Bacio a Scannisi Greco di Tufo, from Campania and Cereda from Etna, Sicily. Both are wines that convey the soul of those lands with great potential. In the future, other wines will be added to the range to complete an ambitious and visionary project.

About the Wine: This Italian white wine is made with 100% Greco, a grape variety known for its intense expressions and excellent longevity. On the nose, typical hints of white flowers and fruits open to hints of iodine and Greco's distinctive bitter almond finish. On the palate, it is dry, full-bodied and delicious.

Varietal: Greco. 

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